Christian Louboutin’s Twin Peaks-Themed Clutch Has Signature Red “Soles”

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A very special thing has happened in the world of accessories: Christian Louboutin found inspiration in David Lynch’s ’90s mystery series, Twin Peaks. Even better, when the famed designer matched the aesthetic of his red-soled-stilettos with the twisted realm of Peaks, a brilliant name was born: ShoePeaks.

Ahead of the series’ 2017 revival, Louboutin created the perfect clutch for die-hard fans and daring fashionistas alike. Behold:

Simply put by the brand: “Interlacing the worlds of surrealistic objects and architecture, ShoePeaks attracts with both sensual intrigue and mysterious beauty, like the classic Louboutin styles it is created from.”

Oh, and there’s a video—because how could you design a Twin Peaks clutch without an accompanying work of eerie cinematic art?

We hope the modern day Special Agent Dale Cooper upgrades his tape recorder to a full-blown podcast—this Lynchian clutch could be his first topic (next up, cherry pie).

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You can shop the ShoePeaks clutch on as well as Saks Fifth Avenue ($3,500; 

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